The Meteor Eclipse

If you’re apart of the Open Rides group in Whatsapp, then you watched it all happen.  For those of you that aren’t; Monday morning Todd threw out that it only made sense that the Meteor should be hosting an Eclipse ride to go check it out that afternoon.

I happily accepted to take on the responsibility!

We left the shop with about 10 of us to get a little pre-ride to Two Rivers and back to the Big Dam Bridge for the actual viewing.

We showed up 10 minutes early after an easy social pace out and back to the bridge.  A nice lady saw a bunch of grown men in Lycra staring at the sun through cameras and multiple Oakley lenses to try and get a glimpse without burning our retinas out, and kindly gave our group 3 or 4 extra glasses she had picked up.  After seeing the 80% or so totality and taking some pretty ridiculous photos, we rolled back to the Meteor for some coffee and/or lunch.

I love being able to throw a half put together plan out into internet land and getting such a good response and fun crew to show up last minute.  Little Rock cycling is fantastic.DSCF7232DSCF7240DSCF7251DSCF7259DSCF7268DSCF7274DSCF7279DSCF7287DSCF7297DSCF7330